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    JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's


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    JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's Empty JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's

    Post  spaghettir101 on Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:45 pm

    Q. How much is a JTAG?

    Banned $140-$160
    Unbanned $160-$210

    Banned $155-$180
    Unbanned $180-$220

    Banned $190-$210
    Unbanned $210-$250

    Banned $235-$265
    Jasper(These are very rare)
    Unbanned $270-$330

    Q. Hoe can i tell if my xbox is JTAGABLE?
    A. If you're xbox has the dashboard 7371 or lower then chances are you can JTAG the console. However, there are consoles that appear to have 7371 but have a patched CB. If your console has a patched CB then the JTAG hack has been disabled.

    Q. How can i check my CB?
    A. Dump the nand and open in Degraded.

    Q. How can i tell what CB is JTAGABLE and which are not?
    A. Exploitable CB versions: (credit for this goes to Eclipse Modz)
    1888, 1902, 1903, 1920,1921: exploitable xenon
    4558: exploitable Zephyr
    5761, 5766, 5770: exploitable falcon
    6712, 6723: exploitable jasper

    Non-Exploitable CB Versions (CD = 8453 for all of them)
    Xenon: 1922, 1923, 1940
    Zephyr: 4571, 4572, 4578, 4579
    Falcon/Opus: 5771
    Jasper: 6750

    Q. How can i do the JTAG hack?
    A. Follow theses tutorials:
    1. By Eclipse Modz: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    2. By L14M333: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Q. What are the differences between the motherboards?
    A. Xenon- No HDMI, first xbox produced. Tends to overheat very quickly. Has 90nm CPUand 90nm GPU. Produces ALOT of heat.
    Zephyr- Same as Xenon, but this one has HDMI.
    Falcon- Has HDMI, Doesn't overheat as much as the xenon but still gets kinda hot. First, actual motherboard revision when dealing with infamous RRoD problem. 65nm CPU 90nm GPU
    Opus- An opus is just a falcon without HDMI.
    Jasper- The first REAL breakthrough against the RRoD problem. This xbox sports a fancy 65 nm CPU and new 65 nm GPU. However, Jaspers are quite rare and go for a lot of money.

    Q. When were the xboxs manufactured and how come they come with different power bricks?
    A. Xenon- Launched November 2005, uses a 203w power brick
    Zephyr- Launched July 2007, uses the 203w power brick
    Falcon- Launched September 2007, uses new 175w power brick
    Opus- Launched June 2008 as a replacement for RRoD consoles, uses 175w power brick
    Jasper- Launched September 2008, uses new 150w power brick

    Q. Can i use a 203w power brick on a Jasper?
    A. YES, xbox 360 power bricks are FORWARD compatible, not backwards. Ex. A 203w will work on all motherboard revisions. However, a 150w will only work on a Jasper and nothing else.

    Q. What is the latest Dashboard?
    A. As of right now, the lastest dashboard is 9199.

    Q. Where can i find a list of ALL dashboards?
    A. Here you go: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Q. Can't i just downgrade my kernelto 7371 or lower so i can JTAG?
    A. No, this is the most annoying question ever. No matter what your friend, uncle, bother, god, jesus, allah, or a tiger tells you. The answer is no.

    Q. Why can't i JTAG anything above 7371?
    A. Because "Microsoft" have private keys stored on the NAND, CPU, GPU and so on, e.g the "GPU Key". But all kernels above 7371 removes those keys (AKA "E-fuses") and makes it impossible for us to read/extract those.

    Q. Well, why do i need Xell?
    A. You need Xell to get your CPU key.

    Q. Why do i need my CPU key?
    A. To install your rebooter. Ex FreeBoot 0.032

    Q. Why do i need a rebooter?
    A. A "rebooter" is needed to be able to boot up into the "hacked" kernel of your chose to then enable features such as: "Homebrews", "Unsigned Code" and direct access to "NAND".

    Q. But if i use the latest dashboard update(Kernel) wouldn't that disable the JTAG hack?
    A. No. That's where the "rebooter" comes in, It boots up the modified kernel allowing you to use the latest dashboard and still do all the stuff + more, mentioned above.

    Q. I just bought a JTAG and hosted my lobby so i can be 1337 for my buddies, how do i unban?
    A. In order to unban, you need a new keyvault.

    Q. Where can i find one?
    A.You would either have to get them by "blackmarketing" or extract them by your self from unbanned consoles (Please notice, to be able to extract a KV, you need to be able to "JTAG" the console.

    Q. I got KV, now what.
    A. Now you are ready to unban. Here is a tutorial on how to do this: [Tut] Switching out KeyVaults (YOU WILL NEED XeXmenu)

    Q. How do i install XeXmenu 1.1?
    A. Here you go. VERY simple. Download: Here

    Q. How can i host modded lobbies?
    A. You need a default_mp.xex with the latest title update, a patch_mp.ff, a brain.

    Q. Where can i find these?
    A. The default_mp.xex is considered warez, so i can't post it here. However, go to deany95.com/shares > Shares > All xbox 360 files > Games > Call of duty modern warfare 2> Xbox 360, and there you go. To get patch mp.ff instead of clicking "Xbox 360", click patch_mp.ff's.

    Q. How do i insert them?
    A. Download an MW2 iso, again this is warez so i can't post it. Anyways, download wx360 and open up the mw2 iso you just downloaded and click "Extract all", this will extract all files from the iso to a folder you want. Now, just drag and drop the default_mp.xex in, if it asks to replace click yes. Then drop the patch_mp.ff in, this time you should not be asked for replace or no replace.

    Q. What if i want to get halo on my jtag and do an aimbot?
    A. Do the same as MW2, but for halo you need a modded default.xex which can be found on deany's website, deany95.com/shares. Just drap and drop in a follow the ftp process to your jtag. You DO NOT NEED a patch_mp.ff

    Q. How and why do jtags get banned so fast?
    A. Basically Microsoft tracks down an Xbox'x KeyVault in order to ban it -this is how they get banned. They get banned so fast because what a Jtag does is run script that is not allowed so Microsoft will pick up on it really fast.

    Found by Cult of Skaro

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    JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's Empty Re: JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's

    Post  XTH L34D3R on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:02 am

    Hey dude another great posy bu. Please post the creator of the origonal post above. When you do PM me and I will sticky!

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    JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's Empty Re: JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's

    Post  Brandon240 on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:23 pm

    amazing post...

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    JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's Empty Re: JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's

    Post  spaghettir101 on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:26 pm


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    JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's Empty Re: JTAG Xbox 360 Q&A's

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