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    XTH K3SH0NS MoD Shop LooK here Empty XTH K3SH0NS MoD Shop LooK here

    Post  XTH K3SH0N on Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:52 pm

    Hello ppl and my name is keshon well i have a mod shop going on now and here it is :

    avatar mod-1$ or 48hour
    gamerscore mod-5$ or add as many games as u want 10$
    system link cod mw2- 5$
    system link cod4-5$
    bio editer-1$ 48 hour
    waw iso maker5-10$ u send me the info
    unbannable account-5$ no acounts tht went online wit jtag
    all my patchs 50 patchs-20$
    logos or designs-5$
    any jtag file-5$ (total)

    any thing u want here messgae me we can negoshiate but yea thts it anything else u want message me i might be able to do it yea

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